Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Masters of Horror

The Steve Allen Theater
& Hollywood MobMov


Every Friday night at 8pm in the parking lot
Starting in April

Tickets $8 per Person (in the theater, or drive-in)
or for $30 reserve a parking space in the drive-in
for as many passengers fit in the car!

Following the sold-out drive in series from last year, we are proud to announce a new series that features some of the greatest minds in horror. Each of them will appear in person for a screening of their Masters of Horror episode followed by a Q&A and a screening of one of their feature films! All of these directors have done at least one episode for the award winning series Showtime’s Masters of Horror.

Masters of Horror

Drive in technology provided by Eric Kurland and Hollywood MobMov

The Howling

April 3rd

Director Joe Dante in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, "Homecoming"
A publicity official for the U.S. Army finds that he might have to be working a lot more than he imagined, when the deceased soldiers of the war come back to life, looking for a few good men.

Riding the Bullet

April 10th

Creator of Showtime's "Masters of Horror" Mick Garris in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

Army of Darkness

April 17th

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

The Changeling

April 24th
Director Peter Medak in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

Fright Night

May 1st

Writer/Director Tom Holland in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

It's Alive

May 8th

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

Crypt Keeper

May 15th

Co-Director Ernest R. Dickerson in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

May 22nd
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Director Tobe Hooper in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

Phantasm II

May 29th
Phantasm 2

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

King of Ants

June 5th

Director Stuart Gordon in person!

Screening with Masters of Horror episode, to be announced.

CLICK HERE to reserve a parking spot for the
drive-infor as many passengers as your car holds
$30 per Car

Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, here it is, Spring 2008, and I'm putting together some great screenings, but I have one BIG problem-

I have no parking lots to screen in!

Okay, here's the lowdown. I had been hosting drive-ins at a great location in Atwater Village, and a great location in downtown L.A., but my contact person from downtown has moved on, and the Atwater lot has been closed to the public, so I'm stuck with a drive-in that has no home.

So far the search has been fruitless - not for the lack of suitable spaces, but for the lack of understanding property owners. Nearly every great parking lot that I have approached has either outright said "No" or has requested obnoxiously high "Location Use Fees" for their properties. I suppose I could go true guerrilla screening, but i do prefer to have permission to be on some one's private property.

So here is my appeal:

I'm seeking new homes for the Hollywood MobMov. If you have a desire to see the grassroots community drive-in thrive in L.A, and if you have a property anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, with a good sized parking lot, a minimum two-story wall (preferably white or light-colored), and the ability to turn off or block nearby lights, please let me know. In exchange for the use of your property, I can offer you a prominent on-screen and online sponsorship of the screenings held there.

The screenings are fun, social, community-building events, and I need your help to keep them going. I don't get paid to do this - the screenings are free, and donations are voluntary - I'm doing this because I love movies, I love drive-ins, and I love bringing people together to share the experience.

Help me, so I can give back to you. Thanks,

MobMov - Hollywood Chapter

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HollywoodMobMov is participating in filmmaker Lance Weiler's multi-city Alternative Realty Game. The game went live two weeks ago, with characters from the movie blogging about the disappearance of "Hope" and will include interactive outdoor screenings of the movie "Head Trauma" on Oct. 20th at secret locations in several cities including Los Angeles.

>From the Head Trauma myspace blog:

"This fall the HEAD TRAUMA cinematic gaming continues. Players will interact with the film's characters; offline, online, and via mobile devices in what is a cross between flash mobs, urban gaming, and ARGs. The game starts in late September with the airing of a special web series. The series will run across a number of outlets such as myspace, xbox, twitter, eyespot, stage 6 and opera. Then on Oct. 20th, live cinema games will play out in 10 cities across the country. Within the series are clues aka rabbit holes that lead to hidden sites, blogs, social networking pages and media."

More information about the drive-in will be on the website

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted here. Here's an update for the Summer:

MobMov - Hollywood is rolling along. We did a very successful screening on June 7 with the cooperation of the distributor Film Movement and Attack Marketing, a really cool marketing company in Glendale, CA. We showed the documentary OT: Our Town to an audience of ten cars, and had a great time. We even had free popcorn and Blisscotti ice cream. Look for more screenings at Attack's parking lot throughout the summer.

I'm seriously in need of more locations! I have a couple that are usable about once a month, but I need more. If you know of any parking lots around the L.A. area that can hold at least twenty cars, have an adjacent white wall, and the ability to turn off lights, please let me know. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Re-Animator screening on Feb. 18th. It was a rousing success with almost 40 cars in the parking lot, and another 25 people in the theater. We persevered through the rain, and I learned that the windshield wipers don't cause TOO much distraction. I'll still need to come up with a better rain shield. The Q&A with Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs went superbly, and the Steve Allen Theater has asked us back for more screenings later this year.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Great news! I've been invited to participate in a huge event next Saturday, Dec. 10th. It's a multidisciplinary art show put on by ArtistSalon. I'll be projecting 2 hours of Filmmakers Alliance' short films onto the wall of the parking lot at 8th and Spring in downtown Los Angeles. For more information follow this link:

a Multi-disciplinary, produced art event dedicated to exploring one thematic concept
4pm; Saturday, December 10, 2005
8th and Spring, downtown Los Angeles, CA 90014

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've been doing some web tweaking, trying to get my stuff to marry up with the whole MobMov website. Think I got it working - it'll need some fine tuning, but for now it will do. The domain should now point to the main website at my workprint.com domain, so I should be able to maintain my own site. Made my own logo, too. This image link should go there:
mobile movie