Saturday, October 29, 2005

Okay, so I had this idea about two years ago, to have a mobile drive-in movie theater installed in my car. After all, I love going to outdoor movies, and L.A., center of the film industry, doesn't have a single drive-in theater anymore (sure I could go to City of Industry, or out to San Bernadino, Riverside or Ventura counties, but I want one here at home!) I slowly began acquiring parts- projector, FM transmitter, etc. - as my budget would allow. At some point, I began showing backyard movies on a 12'x8' fastfold screen, using an amp and some big honkin' speakers donated to me by a friend, but I always kept the "drive-in" idea on the slow burner. Fast-forward to October '05, and I read an article about the Berkeley MobMov and think "Hey- That's exactly what I've been planning to do!" Well, that gave me the kick in the ass to get going and, an email later, I'm the Hollywood chapter in this loosely affiliated MobMov thing.

I hope to get the first screening going by early December. I'm scouting several locations right now, and finally got around to having the power inverter permanently installed under the passenger seat. Did a test in a parking lot last Wednesday, and everything was near perfect save for needing a better FM transmitter, as mine doesn't digitally lock, so there is some tuner drift.

I'm looking to have screenings across the L.A. area, with several potential venues already in Hollywood, Pasadena, Downtown Los Angeles, and Santa Monica - Sign up for the mailing list through and check back here for more news as things get going.



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