Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, here it is, Spring 2008, and I'm putting together some great screenings, but I have one BIG problem-

I have no parking lots to screen in!

Okay, here's the lowdown. I had been hosting drive-ins at a great location in Atwater Village, and a great location in downtown L.A., but my contact person from downtown has moved on, and the Atwater lot has been closed to the public, so I'm stuck with a drive-in that has no home.

So far the search has been fruitless - not for the lack of suitable spaces, but for the lack of understanding property owners. Nearly every great parking lot that I have approached has either outright said "No" or has requested obnoxiously high "Location Use Fees" for their properties. I suppose I could go true guerrilla screening, but i do prefer to have permission to be on some one's private property.

So here is my appeal:

I'm seeking new homes for the Hollywood MobMov. If you have a desire to see the grassroots community drive-in thrive in L.A, and if you have a property anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, with a good sized parking lot, a minimum two-story wall (preferably white or light-colored), and the ability to turn off or block nearby lights, please let me know. In exchange for the use of your property, I can offer you a prominent on-screen and online sponsorship of the screenings held there.

The screenings are fun, social, community-building events, and I need your help to keep them going. I don't get paid to do this - the screenings are free, and donations are voluntary - I'm doing this because I love movies, I love drive-ins, and I love bringing people together to share the experience.

Help me, so I can give back to you. Thanks,

MobMov - Hollywood Chapter

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