Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HollywoodMobMov is participating in filmmaker Lance Weiler's multi-city Alternative Realty Game. The game went live two weeks ago, with characters from the movie blogging about the disappearance of "Hope" and will include interactive outdoor screenings of the movie "Head Trauma" on Oct. 20th at secret locations in several cities including Los Angeles.

>From the Head Trauma myspace blog:

"This fall the HEAD TRAUMA cinematic gaming continues. Players will interact with the film's characters; offline, online, and via mobile devices in what is a cross between flash mobs, urban gaming, and ARGs. The game starts in late September with the airing of a special web series. The series will run across a number of outlets such as myspace, xbox, twitter, eyespot, stage 6 and opera. Then on Oct. 20th, live cinema games will play out in 10 cities across the country. Within the series are clues aka rabbit holes that lead to hidden sites, blogs, social networking pages and media."

More information about the drive-in will be on the website